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Phil was a graduate of Lumen Christi in Jackson, MI and joined the US Air Force, in 1978. After serving 4 years he came back to Michigan and began work in the family business (Comtronics) where he continued until 1999. In October of that same year, he began a new career path. With the partnership of his brother Joe, they purchased Zimmer Marble Company (a cast polymer and fabrication company), and grew the business to include other products including granite and marble fabrication and installation.

By 2010 he sold his interest in the business to his brother and launched into a totally new direction. This career change came after a 2 year period where Phil and Pam cared for her parents in their home while also working at ZM. Her Mother had Alzheimer's disease and it is here that Phil and Pam developed a real heart for people stricken with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

With their thorough understanding of the rigors of business ownership and their hearts to love and care for elderly folks who could no longer care for themselves, they launched Jacqueline House Assisted Living. They saw a need in the community where they could help people get the specialized care they need in a home setting, that would be as close to being in their own home as possible. They sought out the training they would need and walked through the licensing procedure that would give them the accreditation to open in March of 2013. They had the home that Pam grew up in, where her parents lived in since 1906. They fully renovated the home and put on an addition that would accommodate the type of occupancy they were going to need.

Pam was a graduate of Columbia Central, preceding high school, Pam continued her education at Cosmetology school. She received her cosmetology license and spent the next several years cutting and styling hair for a living. Pam's many talents have taken her in different directions but usually followed an artistic pattern.

For over 20 years she had her own business, Personalized Creations, a very unique business that met customers design needs, from floral interior design, to wall papering and specialty painting. She was the color designer and scheduler at Zimmer Marble. Helping customers figure out what color and design they were going to enjoy for years to come, in their kitchens and baths was where she was able to bring practicality and artistry together for a look that was functional and aesthetically pleasing.

When Pam and Phil took care of her parents in their home for two years they acquired an understanding of the needs of someone with Alzheimer's and Dementia and how to best care for them. It was this introduction to the care of the elderly that was the spark that would light the fire of entrepreneurial passion for what is now a very successful assisted living business serving Jackson, Lenewee and Hillsdale. Phil and Pam have raised 5 sons and have 9 grandchildren.

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